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Diploma in Fire & Safety – Ezdan Institute of Technology
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Diploma in Fire & Safety

Be a professional in fire & safety with good knowledge in standards and quality.

About Course

DFS course is a one-year-long diploma course that deals with training the students in the prevention of fire and safety methods so that they can deal with the situation in a better way and can help people in distress. It is an open course that helps students to get better job opportunities and promotion in their field as fire and safety officer, health and safety manager, in charge manager.

According to Wikipedia, “Fire safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire. A safety management system (SMS) is designed to manage safety risk in the workplace, occupational safety is defined as the reduction of risk to a level that is as low as is reasonably practicable or to prevent people from getting hurt. “

Who can attend:
  • 10th or above
Course Outcome:
  • Be a professional in fire & safety with good knowledge in standards and quality.
Job Opportunities:
  • Fire warden
  • Safety Inspector
  • Safety Engineer
  • Fire & Safety Supervisor etc
Course Structure
Introduction to safety
Hazards and Risks: Understanding of Hazards and Risks – Risk
  • Assessment Techniques – Accident Investigation Reporting and Analysis
  • Techniques –Measurement and Control of Performances. Hazard analysis
  • Techniques and measurements.
Industrial Hygiene – Concepts – Physical, Chemical and biological
  • Hazards – Industrial
  • Physiology –Ventilation and Heat – Noise and Vibration.
  • Occupational Health – Concepts – Occupational Health Services.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Types and uses.
  • Fire and safety
    • Fire triangle
    • Flash point
    • Types of fires
    • Types of fire extinguisher
    • Fire protection
    • Fire prevention
    • Fire alarm, fire exit
    • Emergency procedures, routes
    • Reporting procedures
    • Accident investigation
    • Employer responsibilities
    • Employee responsibilities
    • Fire risk assessment
Categories Safety
Course level:Expert