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Diploma in Health Safety & Environment – Ezdan Institute of Technology
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Diploma in Health Safety & Environment

Be a professional in Health & safety with good knowledge in safety standards and quality

About Course

Diploma in Health And Safety Management is a year-long regular programme designed and developed by State Resource Centre, Kerala for those who seek Health and Safety as a career. The theoretical and practical skills in Occupational Health and Safety have been given due importance in this programme.

Aim of the programme

The Diploma in Health And Safety Management is designed to train the learners to acquire practical knowledge and experience in the field. The learner will be empowered to carry out the engineering skill very effectively based on the requirement of clientele.

On successful completion of the programme, the learner will be able to work in occupational health and safety domain in various areas like- oil and gas and other industries.

Who can attend:
  • 10th or above
Course Outcome:
  • Be a professional in Health & safety with good knowledge in safety standards and quality.
Job Opportunities:
  • Fire warden
  • Safety Inspector
  • Safety Engineer
  • Fire & Safety Supervisor etc
Course Structure
Industrial Safety
  • Introduction to safety
  • Hazards and Risks: Understanding of Hazards and Risks – Risk
    • Assessment Techniques – Accident Investigation Reporting and Analysis
    • Techniques –Measurement and Control of Performances. Hazard analysis techniques and measurements.
  • Industrial Hygiene – Concepts – Physical, Chemical and biological
    • Hazards – Industrial
    • Physiology –Ventilation and Heat – Noise and Vibration.
    • Occupational Health – Concepts – Occupational Health Services.
    • Personal Protective Equipment – Types and uses

Construction Safety

  • Safety in Construction Industry – Scope of safety in construction –
    • Safety in Construction and Demolition Operation
    • Safety in use of Construction machineries and equipments – Safety in special Construction Operations – Prevention of falls off persons– Precautions from falling off materials.
  • Safety in Construction and Cement Industry :
    • Basic Parameters governing the safety in construction such as site planning and layout, safe access, safety work permit and checklist, good housekeeping.
    • Safety in the use of construction machinery and equipment.
    • Health and welfare of construction workers dust, noise, vibration, heat, humidity, and other hazard.
    • First aid, medical examinations and health records.
  • Laws and Regulations
    • Relevant Provisions of Building and Other
    • Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service)
    • Act and Rules –National Building Codes.
Occupational Health
  • Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Objectives and Principles of OHS
  • Workplace and Health
  • Occupation, Safety And Management
    • Occupational Safety,
    • Health and Environmental Safety,Management – Principles & practices,
    • Role of Management in Industrial Safety, Organization Behaviaraion
    • Human factors contributing to accident.
    • Planning for Safety
    • Planning: Definition, purpose, nature, scope and procedure.
    • Management by objectives and its role in Safety, Health and Management (SHE)
  • Monitoring for Safety, Health & Environment: Occupational Safety,
    • Health and Environment Management System, Bureau of India
    • Standards on Safety and Health: 14489 – 1998 and 15001 – 2000, ILO and EPA Standards.
    • Principles of Accident Prevention Definition: Incident, accident, injury, dangerous, occurrences, unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, hazards, error, oversight, mistakes etc
Environment and Pollution
  • Environmental Pollution & Control Techniques:
    • Definition of pollution, pollutant and significance of pollution of pollution control.
    • Types of environment pollution: air, water and land pollution and control.
    • Hazardous waste management system : landfill as incineration, environment problems and solution Concept of Restoration Ecology and Reclamation of degraded land.
    • Environmental impact assessment and Monitoring(EIA)
  • Environment Impact Assessment and Audits : Basic concept of EIA,
    • Needs for EIA and Methods. Introduction and Significance off Environment Audit.
    • Audit regulations, standards and protocols.
    • Setting up EIA and Audit Division in Industry.
  • Disasters and their management:
    • Introduction of disasters
    • Classification and sub types of disasters.
    • Industrial disasters and related case studies.
    • Precautions of SHE in disaster management.
    • Role of SHE in disaster management.
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Course level:Expert