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Diploma in Electrical QA/QC

About Course

Engineers with expertise in both established and emerging technologies for electrical systems. Due to the fact that electrical system designers work in a variety of industries, including the power industry, the military/defense sector, and numerous businesses, Advance Electrical Design & Engineering Institute has made progress in addressing a broad engineering skill set and knowledge base as well as providing Electrical System Design training programmes that are focused on the workplace. You’ll definitely have concerns about the type of education you’ll need, the length of time it takes to become a professional, and the type of institution employers look for in new workers as you choose this demanding job.


  • Basic roles and responsibilities of QA/QC engineer
  • Electrical single line diagram SLD analysis(India, UAE)
    • Industrial building with 500kva transformer and 320kva generator
  • Basic rules
    • Indian electricity act 2003
    • NEC 2011
    • High rise building rules, industrial rules, KSEB rules
  • Voltage study: classification, application, Renewable energy study
  • Power factor improvement, Earthing design
  • Earth testing
  • Insulation testing
Categories Electrical
Course level:Intermediate