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Diploma in Civil NDT QA/AC


EZDAN offers the best Civil NDT QA/QC course in Kollam, providing top-quality Civil QA/QC training in Kollam. As Civil Engineers, our duty extends beyond the initial planning, designing, and execution of construction projects. We must also perform periodic monitoring and maintenance to ensure the safety and longevity of the infrastructure for future generations. A successful Civil Engineer must validate well-planned designs, conduct precise surveys and estimation, and maintain quality assurance and quality control. EZDAN’s Civil QA/QC course in Kollam is the perfect combination for a successful career in Civil Engineering, covering all the essential pillars of the field. Visualising a developed nation brings to mind skyscrapers, national highways, stadiums, dams, infrastructures that support daily life. With precise calculations and combined efforts from Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, a well-executed construction project turns into a miraculous achievement.

Minimum Eligibility

  • To enroll in the course, a minimum requirement is a +2 qualification.
  • Most suitable candidates for this course would be those who have completed Mechanical, Civil, EEE, E and I Engineering with a B.Tech or BE degree, as well as those who have completed a Diploma in Mechanical, Civil, EEE, or E and I Engineering.

Role of Civil NDT QA/QC Professionals

Enrol in the best Civil NDT QA/QC course in Kollam or Civil QA/QC course in Kollam to take advantage of this opportunity to boost your career. As QA/QC professionals, their role is to ensure that construction work complies with the required standards and specifications. The course provides comprehensive training and knowledge of QA/QC procedures, including NDT techniques, to enhance the skills of participants and qualify them for the industry. Civil QA/QC training in Kollam is also available for those who want to expand their skills and knowledge in this field.

Benefits of Pursuing Civil NDT QA/QC Course in Kollam

The best Civil NDT QA/QC course in Kollam is offered by EZDAN, providing an International certification in QA QC Course (CIVIL). This course certifies individuals as QA/QC professionals, enhancing their ability to work across the global construction industry and creating new career opportunities. Upon completion, participants will receive a shareable certificate and be qualified for large-scale pay. The certificate is approved by the Regional Skill Development and Certification Authority (RSDCA). Enrol now in the top Civil QA/QC training in Kollam to become a certified QA/QC professional.

Civil QA/QC NDT Course Online and Offline in Kollam

Enrol in the best Civil NDT QA/QC course in Kollam and become a professional quickly. You can start instantly and learn at your own pace with the Civil QA/QC Course and NDT in Kollam. Our courses are available both in classroom settings at limited locations including Kollam, Cochin, Trivandrum, Bahrain, and UAE. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills in the civil engineering industry.

Job Opportunities

  • QA & QC Engineer
  • QA & QC Supervisor
  • Equipment Inspectors
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • QA Executive

Practical only subscription

Subscription for remote lab connectivity. 24×7

Flexible Schedule

Set and maintain flexible deadlines.

Civil NDT QA QC Course at EZDAN offers the best online training. The concrete testing methods offered range from entirely non-destructive to partial destructive. A Quality Controller (QA/QC) career in Civil Engineering is both hard and lucrative. Civil NDT QA QC Course at EZDAN help you construct the next high-rise building, bridge, or highway and develop structures that will survive the test of time.Learn more about how to become a civil engineer here. Every day, civil engineers have a direct and powerful impact on people’s lives.


  • Basics of Engineering
  • Approvals for construction
  • Method of statement
  • Inspection test plan
  • Non confermence report
  • Material submittal
  • Material approval report
  • Request for inspection
  • Snag list
  • Dossier index
  • Processes for construction
  • Checklist for construction
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality control
  • Field test of materials
  • Lab test of materials
  • Material Management
  • Safety management system
  • Project Management

NDT – Non-Destructive testing

  • Importance of NDT
  • Rebound Hammer Test
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test
  • Half-cell electrical potential test
  • Radiographic test
  • Infrared thermography
  • Re-Bar Locator
  • Windsor Probe
  • Resistivity Meter
  • Carbonation
  • Permeability
  • Penetrant
  • GPR


  • Pile Integrity
  • Bitumen & Soil-Test & Standards
  • Health & Safety in construction sites
  • Video Presentation
  • Onsite training Programme – Identify Organizational setup & Construction Procedure
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